Credit card fraud is a growing epidemic. However, contrary to what most people think, the consumer is not at great risk due to credit card fraud. By federal law, you are limited to no more than $50 in responsibility for fraudulent credit card charges and most credit card companies lower that to $0.

The people who are at most risk are the small business owners on the Internet who are barely making a living. They are fully responsible for any charge backs due to fraudulent credit card charges. It doesn't take many such fraudulent transactions to virtually wipe out the small business owner.

Coin and bullion dealers are prime targets for credit card fraud. Fraudulent use of credit cards results in losses for us and results in higher prices our customers. As a small business, we cannot afford to absorb the cost of credit card fraud and as such, we make stringent use of our merchant service's credit card protection system.

In cases where we suspect possible credit card fraud we may ask that you scan and e-mail us a copy of the front and back of your credit card, as well as proof of your billing address (a copy of your statement) before we will ship your order. These measures are to protect us as well as our customers! This information can be e-mailed to

Providing us with a copy of the front and back of your credit card is no different from handing your credit card to a merchant in a local store. The exact information is available to the merchant when he handles your credit card and runs it through his credit card machine. In addition, he can verify your address and other information by examining other forms of identification at the time of sale.

Internet merchants do not have the luxury of positive identification. It only takes a few fraudulent transactions to wipe out a coin & bullion merchant since our profit margins are so low. As such, we cannot risk loss due to credit card fraud. Our policies help ensure that credit card fraud does not take place. Since anyone can purchase a product online with a stolen credit card and have it shipped to anywhere in the world, we have been forced to institute this policy. The practice of requiring this information is common among internet businesses. You will find a multitude of internet stores that have the exact same policy.

If you cannot provide us with the requested information, we will be unable to process your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but the risk of credit card fraud is to great.

Failure to comply with such a request may result in immediate notification of your local authorities and possible criminal prosecution. Don't even think about attempting credit card fraud here! We are premium members of and will use the full extent of the law to capture and prosecute anyone who attempts to perform fraud.

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